1.  100% safe products

  • They comply with all European safety norms
  • They do not contain harmful substances and chemicals which are dangerous for your health
  • They are 100% tested in certified European laboratories according to all requirements of the EN standards
  • They do not cause deficiency in immunity system,  hormone imbalance, cancer deceases  which can have negative effect on the reproductive system or cause allergies.

2.  Comfortable, practical and useful

  • Comfortable – made with care for babies. We consider babies’ comfort our top priority and we manufacture quality products.
  • Practical – we offer a large portfolio of products in accordance with the different tastes, needs and lifestyle of future parents. In each new collection we include models with different functions, so each customer can choose his/her best suited product.
  • Useful – facilitate the nurturing of babies and  assist their development

3. Reasonable price / quality ratio – quality complying with the perception for the right price in the mid range price segment.

4. Bulgarian brand with tradition – 17 years among the leaders in the childcare industry

5. Distinct style and design concepts  – Traditionally it has been a distinct characteristic of the brand – specific design elements, stamps, and decorations on the fabric. The concept for each product is created in our Design studio, to ensure that all colors and styling contribute to the development of children’s’ senses and the self-esteem of their parents.
Strict and uncompromised management of CRM – each complaint is carefully reviewed by our team and we always look for the optimal decision  to satisfy our customer. For better communication and transparency we urge everyone to contact and follow our activities at our facebook, company Blog www.chipolino.com/blog and web page www.chipolino.com